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Discreet, curated introductions for discerning people
We offer a personal, completely tailored casting service: for discerning, interesting people looking for romance, companionship and more.

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Perhaps you have been too busy with your career to foster the perfect relationship? Or maybe you have been widowed, or divorced and now feel there is a gap in your life that a new relationship could fill? Or maybe you thought it would simply happen organically… but it hasn’t.

The Casting personally vets and then brings together like-minded, suitable people. We facilitate and curate enjoyable, interesting encounters that we hope result in a relationship - but will definitely result in new connections and an enlivened social circle.

We have thrown away the industry model, which rewards the number of introductions, in favour of one that incentivises success. An open, transparent way of working that places the emphasis on our clients’ happiness, and not on numbers.

‘I cannot recommend enough giving it a go. It may change your life or you may just make some great friends – what have you got to lose?’
Mr C, Nov 2021

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Meet The Casting
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Founded by Kerensa Robertson in 2016.
Having spent over 15 years in the matchmaking industry, Kerensa knew there was a better way – and founded the Casting to offer a more transparent matchmaking service, built on honesty and integrity.

Kerensa combines a huge network of contacts and vast experience of making successful introductions, with a high level of emotional intelligence and empathy. Clients value her honesty and straight-talking style, as much as her sense of humour and fun – perfectly combining professional integrity with a personal touch.

The Casting’s fee structure is unique; rather than asking for an expensive, upfront fee, we charge a small registration fee (only payable when you both parties have agreed to meet a potential match), combined with a payment on results (only due when both parties in the relationship agree it is exclusive).

You can find more details of our success fee and our transparent terms here

Kerensa’s introductions are carefully planned and meticulously researched, but never dull! She thrives on suggesting potential partners that are interesting, surprising and unique.

‘[Kerensa’s] skill is extraordinary – not only is she such fun to talk to, but she has a seemingly endless number of wonderful people looking for someone new in their lives’
Mr M.

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The Casting works differently
The modern world of dating can be daunting, impersonal and leaves many of us feeling excluded
Few are able to rely solely on a network of friends and family as a source of new, personal introductions. The Casting bridges the gap between professional and personal; we act as a helpful friend or as a family member might, using our understanding and intuition, rather than an algorithm or dating software.

The Casting starts by getting to know you, and we can only do that by meeting and spending time with every one of our members. We take the time to understand your background and lifestyle, but also your hopes, desires and wants. Our process works best when there is total transparency and honesty on both sides.

We have a wide range of ready-vetted candidates already registered with us – if there aren’t potential matches among them, we can also use confidential headhunting techniques to expand our search. If we don’t have a match for you, we’ll be honest about that - but it doesn’t mean you can’t meet a match in the future!
One-to-one introductions
Our goal is to make introductions that you will find enjoyable and fun, on the journey to finding ‘the one’! We ask our clients (will) keep an open mind, and heart, along the way.

Our Service Fee is low, and only payable when you agree to meet a potential match; our success fee is only due when both parties agree that they are in an exclusive relationship.
Dinners for Six
The Casting’s unique ‘Dinners for Six’ are extremely popular with our clients, and the perfect embodiment of our approach. We bring together carefully curated groups of individuals, in a stylish but relaxed setting, without the pressure of it being a date.

‘You didn’t just make my day, you changed my life!’
Ms K, Oct 2022

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Who we ‘Cast’
Open to anyone who has an open heart
We offer an inclusive service and will never turn someone away on the basis of age, gender or sexual orientation.

We are as transparent about our client base as we are about our fees; currently the majority of our clients are women (unlike dating apps, where the reverse is true). Our service fee reflects that bias and is currently slightly higher for men – since statistically the chances of us making a successful match are greater. The Casting is increasingly being asked to find matches for same-sex couples, and we warmly welcome enquiries on that basis, too.

What unites our clients is less about who they are, than their values and attitude to life. They value honesty, as much as we do, look for the fun in life, and consciously keep an open mind.

If you think that The Casting might be a good fit for your search, get in touch for a no-obligation chat with Kerensa, to find out more.

‘Having taken the leap [and joined The Casting] in spring of this year, it has been nothing but the most exciting and exhilarating experience’
Mr R, Oct 2022

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